Indonesian Steam Boiler

We have developed various kinds of boilers comply with recognized international and national standard.                                                                                                                                                                                           


Our design is focusing on preventing ash slag based on fuel properties were given which makes it easy to operate, maintain and very reliable operation.

The Boiler used to apply bi-drum design for all capacities. Comparing to a Single drum, bi-drum Boilers is better for operating in palm oil industry that located in the remote area (availability of adequate operators). Bi-drum can work sluggish but safer for the biomass boiler. Often after the boiler was stopped, in the biomass boiler, combustion in the furnace may still occur even when the Forced Draft and Induced Draft Fan is off. In this case, bi-drum boilers are safer compared to a single drum, since there is more water in the drum.

Our boiler is a natural circulation with lower circulation ratio. This is also an additional safety feature from our design. Lower circulation ratio can control header expansion in the furnace.

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