Besides supplying, designing, and fabricating various types of products, Indomarine gives several services related to boiler, plant, and equipment maintenance and inspection.

We are also ready in constructing many boiler types, as well as joining outage programs for companies doing their annual inspection.
  1. Constructions
    • Piping system
    • Mechanical and electrical
    • Steel structural
    • Storage tanks
  2. Inspections and Maintenance
    • Boiler assessment
    • Outage
    • Refurbishment and Boiler modification
    • Parts and equipment supply
  3. Manufacturing
    • Indomarine has two manufacturing facilities – one in Malang (31000 m2) and in Medan (6000 m2). Our commitment to make sure that our customers get the best quality product is manifested through our proficient engineers examining the production process. 
    • For this service, Indomarine is ready to become a partner for customers in need, either internationally or locally :
      • Boiler non-pressure and pressure parts
      • Modular build and skid fabrication
      • Plate works